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We're excited to be published again in Utah Style & Design's Winter 2016 issue.  Check out the editor, Brad Mee's article "High Contrast" to see our design work of "The Haven" project and it's kitchen on page 59.  A black and white color scheme is always classic and all about high contrast.  What makes it interesting and worthy of high-end glam design status is texture.  Here's the break down: to add interest we mixed the satin white cabinets with glossy quartzite countertops and then set the back drop with a tumbled hand painted silver and black Tabarka tile sourced from local Inside Out Architectural's.  Throw in above the Wolf range that amazing black hood above with it's classic shape and shiny polished nickel hardware for accents and it becomes a showstopper.  This kitchen was all about keeping the "Contemporary Classic" vibe that set the stage for the entire remodel.  Along with the color scheme, the key factor in this kitchen's classic transformation was symmetry in the layout.  To play up the back drop we had the contractor, Upland Development, fur the wall out an extra 9" and continued the countertops seamlessly into the windows to allow for live plants such as lemon tree's be enjoyed in the kitchen.  


Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.24.41 AM.png


Thanks Utah Style & Design for featuring our design work, it's always a pleasure to see it grace the pages of your magazine.  

Here's the online link; for print check the newsstands:

*My name didn't get printed all of the way, as it should read "Susan Nicole Thompson" instead of "Nicole Thompson" - oh well!



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